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Titanium alloy European aesthetic design  Spectacular view of Dulan mountain landscape

Rice Resort Hotel is only 700 meters away from Taitung station in Taitung city. The location is perfect for the nearby Star Tribe watching airplane landing and taking off in the daytime and beautiful starry sky at night. Sunday night market on Siwei road, sightseeing night market on Zhengqi road, and Tiehua village musical settlement are at a distance of a mere 10-minute drive from our hotel.
Each room offers spectacular view of Dulan mountain landscape. The hotel is built with 5000-pound earthquake-proof construction and Titanium alloy European aesthetic design of interior low-profile luxury style. Delicate and ingenious design can be seen everywhere. Free WiFi and indoor parking space are available for hotel guests. Each room has wooden floors. Each bathroom has biological light energy shower head and shampoo/body wash gel extracted by rice peptide.