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  • Gym
    Leisure entertainment


    Cloud gym adopts the latest high-tech cloud technology to detect user physical fitness and upload the exercise training data to the cloud server, making your physical health information easy to get on any device at any time
  • Swimming pool & SPA
    Leisure entertainment

    Swimming pool & SPA

    Swimming pool & SPA
  • Crazy Cart
    Leisure entertainment

    Crazy Cart

    Karting track
  • Playground
    Leisure entertainment


    The children's ball pool of Hetong Paradise adopts the American ASTM European EN-71 test and passes the safety play equipment
  • Bouncy Castle
    Leisure entertainment

    Bouncy Castle

    Super large bouncy castle allows children to jump into the air, jump and discharge as they wish, exercise small muscles throughout the body, feel a happy atmosphere, and laughter is full of memories.
  • Star Terrace
    Leisure entertainment

    Star Terrace

    Hundred square meters outdoor space, the torch lights are lively, order a drink in the starry sky, chat happily with friends and family, enjoy the stars and watch the moon, so comfortable.
  • Electric massage chair
    Leisure entertainment

    Electric massage chair

    After a long day of travel, you must have some sore feet. Come here and only need to spend NT$20 to enjoy a 15-minute top massage to relieve the fatigue!
  • Hefeng Pavilion
    Leisure entertainment

    Hefeng Pavilion

    Large outdoor pavilion
  • Kids House
    Leisure entertainment

    Kids House

    Parent-child reading room
    Leisure entertainment


    Drinks / Light meal / Swimming Equipment